Heartfelt Couture, Inc.
We make your child's stay in the hospital a little more... FABULOUS
Heartfelt Couture originated in October 2008 to make a little girl smile. Four year-old
Sarah Swan who was suffering from congenital heart disease disliked her hospital
gown. Her simple smile spurred a revolution for fashion and individuality that has
made over 200 children nationwide find happiness in their hospital stay. From Star
Wars to princesses, Heartfelt Couture tries to use fabrics that will brighten even the
hardest days.

Since October, several women’s groups, churches, companies and the Texas Rangers
wives have joined the cause. They make patterns, sew gowns, and fulfill deliveries to
hospitals in the DFW and Houston areas. We invite everyone who would like to make
a difference to contact Heartfelt Couture at any time.

In addition to hospital gowns, Heartfelt Couture uses all of the scrap fabric from the
gowns to make prayer pillows—they include the child’s name on the front and a
touch of style for their bed.

The hospital gowns, prayer pillows and shipping are all free. We want to provide
something fun and unexpected for the child and family during their difficult time.
Every gown and pillow is prayed over so that they feel God’s love and peace during
their time of trial. It is our prayer that we can bring that simple smile we once saw in
Sarah to every child.